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Age-Friendly Challenge

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Contact: 412-445-0009,

Address: 112 Sherman St, Pittsburgh, PA 15209


Typically Meets in: Pittsburgh Region


The Age-Friendly Challenge provides development support and a total of $10,000 in awards to inspire the Greater Pittsburgh community to rethink how our communities work and make them more inclusive and respectful of every generation. 



Age-Friendly Greater Pittsburgh is a collaborative initiative started in 2015 through the leadership of the Southwestern Pennsylvania Partnership for Aging (SWPPA). Over the following two years, 90 residents participated in Aging Your Way workshops and 100 organizations met to discuss how to make our communities work better for everyone. The resulting Age-Friendly Greater Pittsburgh Action Plan outlines a framework to improve our region around three focus areas: Access, Connection, and Innovation. In order to catalyze action around these focus areas, Lively Pittsburgh is leading the Age-Friendly Challenge: a project development and $10,000 award competition to support creative ideas which make our region better for all. Read more details in the Press Release.




March - April 2018: Recruitment of interested community members, organizations, and businesses


May 19, 2018: Age-Friendly Challenge Project Development Workshop & Awards, Union Project, 10AM - 1PM


June - August 2018: Project planning and development supported by Lively Pittsburgh


September 2018: Age-Friendly Greater Pittsburgh Innovation Showcase



Successful projects will address one or more of the Age-Friendly Greater Pittsburgh Action Plan strategies. You are encouraged to review the specific goals and action items in the full report.

  1. Access: improve entry points, participation, and navigation to new options and opportunities - within neighborhoods and health systems - for people of all ages and abilities
  2. Connection: strengthen intergenerational relationships to combat social isolation and loneliness, creating spaces that encourage coming together and celebrating initiatives that put relationships first
  3. Innovation: champion meaningful technology and ideas that enable people to age in community, and help people of all ages collaborate with our region's growing tech industry

While anyone with an idea is encouraged to apply, preference may be given to creative solutions focused on the following Action Items in the report: 

  • #9 (Murals for Caregivers)
  • #15 (Centers for More than Seniors)
  • #16 (Gardening for Good)
  • #24 (The Job Search, Redefined)
  • #25 (Intergenerational Tech Training)
  • #28 (Tech Support)


The Age-Friendly Challenge is an initiative of Age-Friendly Greater Pittsburgh in partnership with SWPPA through the support of the Mary Hillman Jennings Foundation



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