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6/8/18 from 3:00pm to 5:00pm

Hosted By: Beechview Walkability Project

Contact Info: Ted , 240 446 4937,

Location: 1621 Broadway Ave, Beechview, PA 15216

Price: Free!

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Attendees (0):

    The Crossings is a pop-up street demostration/preformance  to ignite visibility around mobility and safer streets.  We hope to increase safety and walkability for everyone.  When a walkway works better for someone using a wheelchair, it also works better for somebody pushing a stroller or carrying heavy grocery bags.  The hour long spectacle will creatively demonstrate the importance of safe, welcoming walkways for everyone by gathering people to cross together while carryng signs and dancing to music we bring attention to dangerous intersections and streets.   

    Special Instructions: Wear your dancing shoes