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Lively is the place where active adults in the Pittsburgh region go to pursue their passions, share their ideas, and help shape their communities.

Launched in early 2015, the genesis of Lively Pittsburgh goes back much further. Through their own experiences in public health, three childhood friends began discussing a problem that they had observed in their professional work. They began seeking solutions to bridge the gap between service providers and aging adults in the community who want or need access to them.

Initially focusing on the Pittsburgh region where they grew up, the founders of Moringa Living LLC performed extensive research and discussions with stakeholders and residents at the city, county, state, and national levels. Based upon this feedback it was decided to explore partnerships with several agencies, and in early 2014 the Resource Center for Active Aging (RCAA) was created. The RCAA is a membership network of human service agencies committed to the development of new, progressive programs and resources for a more age-inclusive community. 

The information gleaned from the six founding agency members as well as incredible research and design contributions from students at Carnegie Mellon University’s HCII program, shed light on our most important findings: aging adults are a highly valuable asset to our communities with a very different idea of retirement than previous generations.

Have a class you’d like to attend? A group you’d like to start? An idea you’d like to see happen? Knowledge or skills you’d like to share? Whatever it may be, and our network of partners can help to make it happen.

Log on, explore, contribute, and act. It’s your site, your community, and most importantly, your life.

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Scott Wolovich   Pittsburgh, PA

Scott Wolovich, PT is a co-founder and President of Moringa Living LLC (creator of Lively Pittsburgh and the RCAA network). Scott is a physical therapist who has spent the past 10 years working primarily with older adults in community-based care.

In addition to his work at Moringa Living LLC. and his physical therapy work, Scott is a co-founder and current board chair of New Sun Rising, a Pittsburgh PA non-profit organization that ignites, launches, and grows grass-roots social impact projects.

Scott graduated from Ohio University with a B.S. in Biology, and from the University of Pittsburgh with a Master’s in Physical Therapy.

Susan Spangler   Pittsburgh, PA

Susan is an artist, musician, writer, expressive arts therapist and psychotherapist with over thirty-five years experience. She finds joy in appreciating peoples’ unique gifts and is dedicated to encouraging these gifts in ways that spark creative communities where everyone belongs and everyone’s talents enliven the whole.

Susan’s inspiration springs from a deeply-held belief in the goodness of human beings, in the restorative capacity of the natural world, and in the ever-inspiring superpower of community.

Susan serves as Board Member for the Union Project; Deacon at East Liberty Presbyterian Church (ELPC); Circle Ally in the East Liberty Circles Program; Community Building Committee Member of the Friendship Community Group (former President of the Board); Environmental and Neighbors Committee Member at ELPC; and a recently inducted Climate Reality Leader. She has also served as Mindfulness Meditation Instructor for the Phipps Center for Sustainable Landscapes, ELPC, and the Waldorf School of Pittsburgh. She currently facilitates ongoing meditation groups in the East End and maintains a Private Psychotherapy Practice in East Liberty.

Susan serves as Director of Creative Community Building for Lively Pittsburgh and is excited to be working with others to implement components of the Age-Friendly Greater Pittsburgh Action Plan.

Ted Camarada  Pittsburgh, PA

Ted Camarada is a psychotherapist and lifelong advocate of holistic health, community building and social justice. Born and raised in Clairton, PA, Ted has had a career in mental and community health spanning four decades and serving in communities including New York’s South Bronx, Washington,D.C. Frederick, MD and since 2009, Pittsburgh.

In 1991, Ted founded a pioneering holistic health center integrating mind- body therapies, psychotherapy and mindfulness meditation practices into a community service model. He believes that transformation must be driven by those we intend to serve, and supported by larger systemic change and that our role as agents of change is to recognize the inner resources of each individual while creating an atmosphere of hope, confidence, trust and mutual inspiration.

Ted works in Pittsburgh’s East End neighborhoods consulting and supporting efforts for affordable housing, racial and economic justice, elder and disabilities services and political engagement. He serves on the East Liberty Development Inc. Planning Committee, the HELP Initiative Leadership Roundtable, and the Community Building Committee of the Friendship Community Group (former board member). He is also on the boards of CLASS and East Liberty Housing Inc.

Ted is the Director of Community Engagement for Lively Pittsburgh, organizing and inspiring healthy and vibrant communities.

Jason Jablon  South Eastern, PA

Jason Jablon is the Director of Programming at Lively Pittsburgh. He works with local partners and leaders to build lively communities through co- creating new programs, activities, and workshops. Jason is committed to helping communities identify and attain short and long-term goals in pursuit of improving overall quality of life. He currently manages a number of projects which help to activate the Age-Friendly Greater Pittsburgh Action Plan, including The Walkability Project, Crossings, Make it Work, and Age- Friendly Challenge.

Jason earned a degree from Clarion University in Education in 1998. Jason is dedicated to a healthy lifestyle of outdoor adventures and good nutrition and is an avid juicer! He is proud of his title of 'Stay at Home Dad', and enjoys spending most of his time outside of Lively Pittsburgh with his children and volunteering at their school.